Seiko Instruments - DPU414 Thermal Printer

DPU 414

The DPU414 printer is a desktop thermal serial printer incorporating the STP printer mechanism
that ensures silent and high-quality printing. It can print not only characters,
but also high-density graphics. In the quadruple-density bit image mode,
640-dot (max.) CRT display hardcopy is possible (with horizontal vs. vertical ratio being 1:1).
Due to its compact size and built-in battery the DPU414 is ideal for portable applications.


* CRT display (640 dots max.) hardcopy
* HEX dump (hexadecimal code) copy
* Dual-power supply
* Supports Centronics and serial data input
* Built-in data buffer (approximately 28 kilobytes)
* Prints 40 column-standard characters and 80 column-condensed characters


Data Sheet (pdf)

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